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26 October 2020 - 30 October 2020


Round of trade negotiation. Virtual meetings

This virtual mission will gather ICT companies from La Rioja along with companies from all over the world. Business Federation of La Rioja (FER) together with the Innovative Business Group of the ICT sector of La Rioja (AERTIC) and supported by the Regional Government of La Rioja will organize this International Brokerage Virtual Event in collaboration with EEN partners. 

The aim is to support participants to reach commercial agreements and enlarge their commercial networks; match interests between Spanish companies providers of ICT products and solutions, and international companies interested in their offer; in the same way promote other sort of partnerships, such as product development, manufacturing and licensing agreements etc.

By participating in the 25-minute pre-scheduled virtual meetings, you will have the chance to find the right contacts to build new cross-border international business and technology partnership.

Why participate if you are a Rioja company: 

      • Find potential clients and extend your commercial Network in the countries of your interest.
      • Enter in contact with international companies interested in your profile and your offer of products and services.
      • Find partners for joint projects.

Why participate if you are an International company: 

      • Meet providers and partners of innovative and competitive ICT products and services in these fields:
        • WINE AND AGROFOOD sector. Besides the powerful Wine and Agrofood Industry of La Rioja, there is a competitive fabric of ICT companies with a wide and specialised offer of advanced ICT products and services in areas such as : Smart agriculture, energy efficiency, production and processing control, supply chain analysis...
        • EDUCATION sector, La Rioja is the cradle of the Spanish, and a lot of ICT companies, products and services have been born and grown reinforcing the economical and cultural development of the "Castellano history" and contributing to promote the digital talent of society.
        • SMART CITIES, Logroño, capital of La Rioja, is a Spanish reference in the 'Smart City' concept for medium-sized cities. The city of Logroño leads the Spanish Network of Smart Cities (RECI) and collaborates with the Network of Cities of Science and Innovation (Red Innpulso) for the development of initiatives and projects in urban innovation and Smart Cities.
        • INDUSTRY 4.0. The ICT industry has a big relevance on the Economy of La Rioja and its great development allows the digitization of companies from different sectors to make them more efficient, safe and productive through solutions in IoT, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, etc.
        • E-HEALTH sector. La Rioja promotes the development of a continuous innovation culture in Health to improve patient management, efficiency of diagnoses or simplify the processing of user data, among others.
        • Others...

Target groups:

    • ICT Rioja companies.
    • Companies in the sectors of Wine and Agrofood, Education, Smart Cities, e-Health, Industry 4.0; that wish to acquire innovative ICT products and services.
    • Companies interested in achieving technical assistance agreements in the markets target.
    • Technological partners that wish to achieve technological or research agreements.
    • Universities or Research Institutions.

How to participate:

Register and provide a profile describing your company and the products or services you are selling or in search of. All the participants’ profiles will be published on the website platform of this Brokerage Event.

For Spanish companies, browse the profiles online and book meetings with the international organisations you are interested in.

For International organizations (non Spanish), browse all the Spanish profiles online and book meetings with those you are interested in.

About one week prior to the event, each participant will receive an individual meeting schedule.


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